MOYU Power Placemat

on March 25, 2020  in GebruikProduct

As more and more people are working at home, we specially have the MOYU Power Placemat designed. This will make you more focused between all the distractions at home, but it also gives you relaxation, because you work where you live.

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As with all our products, the Power Placemat made from our sustainable stone paper . This stone paper is rewritable more than 500 times and can be easily erased with a wet cloth. This means you start every day with a "clean slate". Because our mission is to combat forest clearing and plant new trees in order to maintain ecosystems, we also plant a new tree for every placemat sold.

Some will be familiar with all parts of the Power Placemat but for some it is it is useful to get more information. Below we discuss all parts so that you too can get the most out of the Power Placemat.

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