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Choice stress: which Sustainable Notebook is right for you?

Online is teeming with durable, erasable and rewritable notebooks. There are notebooks made of recycled paper, plant paper, stone paper, waste material, upcycled material, whiteboard paper and so on. One works with a pen, the other with a marker. The companies behind these sustainable notebooks almost always have an inspiring story and a (green) mission to share. We understand very well that sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees.

Which sustainable notebook suits you best?

We take you into the world of sustainable notebooks that most closely match MOYU. Can we be completely neutral in our statement? No, not 100%. We do think it is important that you can make the best choice for yourself. We would rather see you happy with a Bambook or Correctbook than keep writing on pulp paper or maybe even be dissatisfied with your MOYU booklet!

All providers at a glance:



Bambook dreams of a world where people use resources responsibly so that we take care of our planet and our people.

bambook offers an erasable whiteboard writing with a beautiful cover made of bamboo. The notebooks are offered in several sizes. The contents of the booklets  can be compiled yourself. For example, you can choose from lines, checks, blank and to-do lists. You write with a special marker that can be erased in combination with a spray and cloth. That works exactly like on a whiteboard: easy and fast. If you want to save your notes, you can download the handy Bambook App download in the App Store. That works about the same as a 'normal' scanner app, but then it is specially designed by and for Bambook. 

Green & Mission

Bambook plants a tree in Madagascar for every product sold.


  • To assemble yourself
  • Beautiful, strong covers
  • Handy spray 
  • Bicycle courier possible 
  • Bambook Scan App 


  • Bamboo as a material is not very durable
  • Stains or a haze will remain over time 
  • Doesn't offer a writing experience like you're used to

Bambook is the best choice for you: 

↳ If you like to write with marker;
↳ If you want to write on a whiteboard in writing;
↳ If you want to be able to compose your own notebook;
↳ If you find an accompanying scan app important.


Correctbook's mission is to provide 1 million children with writing for a year by 2023.

Correctbook sells notebooks made of paper and plastic with a cover made of cardboard and a layer of artificial leather. The pages feel plastic-like, giving you the feeling of writing on a whiteboard. The pen can be erased by using the eraser on the back of the pen. As a result, it takes a while to clean a page. Sponges are also available, but sometimes you have to scrub to get the pages clean. The ring binder, which holds the pages together, is somewhat larger and has fewer 'bands' through the paper. There are handy tabs in the notebook. This way you have a quick overview in the notebook. In addition, Correctbook also has its own scan app. 

Green & Mission

For each copy sold, Correctbook provides one school-age child in Africa with erasable writing articles for a period of 3 months. 


  • Handy tabs for overview
  • Correctbook Scan App 
  • Beautiful and ambitious mission 


  • You can only erase the ink (which can take a long time)  
  • Doesn't offer a writing experience like you're used to
  • Less beautiful covers and designs available 
  • Made of cardboard and plastic

Correctbook is the best choice for you: 

↳ If you like to write with a thicker pen in a whiteboard notebook;
↳ If you think the mission to support school-age children in Africa is important.
↳ If you find an accompanying scan app important.

green story (green book)

greenstory sells 'Greenbooks' – whiteboard notebooks, just like Bambook and Correctbook, including a marker that you can erase. The unique thing about a Greenbook is that you can organize the pages yourself. You can easily click the pages in and out of the notebook. The pen is erasable by means of the spray and the supplied cloth. To keep the books beautiful, Greenstory gives the option to supply the Greenbook with a cover of vegan leather.

Green & Mission

Greenstory compensates via Hivos all CO2 emissions that are released when the production is shipped to Greenstory and from Greenstory to the consumer. 


  • Plastic-free shipping and delivery
  • Notebooks can be put together yourself
  • Handy tabs for overview
  • Cases and covers available 


  • Ink is hard to erase (especially if it's been on the page for a while)
  • Doesn't offer a writing experience like you're used to
  • No clear mission or charity stated 

Greenbook is the best choice for you: 

↳ If you want to determine the layout of your notebook yourself;
↳ If you don't care that it doesn't involve a good cause;

Paper on the Rocks 

Invests  5% of the purchase price in reforestation projects and nature conservation initiatives.

First of all, Paper on the Rocks has a very nice name. Not unimportant. In addition, just like MOYU, she also sells writing articles from rock paper. Paper on the Rocks is also the only provider of sustainable notebooks that is a nice one B-corporation. Companies with such a certificate voluntarily strive for the highest standards in terms of social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency. However, the rock paper from Paper on the Rocks is not rewritable. In addition to stone paper, Paper on the Rocks also sells plant paper, which is paper made from plant waste. Water is used in the production of plant paper (this is not the case with stone paper). They are also working on a climate-positive paper industry by selling stone and plant paper. 

Green & Mission

Paper on the Rocks does not sponsor one particular organization that plants trees for them or the like, but they invest 5% of the purchase price in reforestation projects and nature conservation initiatives.


  • Choice of stone paper and plant paper
  • B-corporation certified 
  • Beautiful designs and covers 
  • Invests 5% in green goals 


  • Water is used in the production of plant paper
  • Ink is not erasable 

Paper on the Rocks is the best choice for you: 

↳ If you would like to buy from a B-corporation;
↳ If you like to write on stone or plant paper;
↳ If you don't mind that the pages are not rewritable. 


MOYU is committed to a world without single use paper and paper waste. It is also committed to stimulating essential ecosystems and biodiversity.

Writing on MOYU stone paper comes closest to the 'normal' writing experience on regular paper. No water, bleach or trees are used during the production process of the rewritable notebooks. The stone paper consists of 80% stone waste and 20% plastic waste. The ink of the MOYU pen is easy to erase with a damp cloth. Each page is then rewritable up to 500 times. 

The stone paper is offered as a notebook in several sizes. Each booklet has a to-do list, agenda, lines, boxes and blank pages. In addition to the notebooks, MOYU also has other writing items in the webshop. Scanning is possible with any app, such as Adobe Scan App.

Green & Mission

MOYU plants one tree for every notebook sold, in collaboration with Trees For Kenya. These trees are always 'native trees' and therefore contribute positively to the local ecosystems. MOYU founder Roel knows the community personally, because he has lived in Kenya.


  • Fully erasable and rewritable rock paper
  • Clear and transparent production chain 
  • No water, bleach and trees needed for production
  • Provides a writing experience as you are used to
  • Beautiful, colorful designs 
  • Tree planted per notebook sold


  • Not yet possible to compose notebook yourself
  • No accompanying spray
  • No accompanying scan app 

MOYU is the best choice for you: 

↳ If you would like a writing experience as you are used to with 'normal' paper;
↳ If you like to write on rock paper;
↳ If you want to be able to erase the ink easily and flawlessly;
↳ If you want to be able to write on the pages again and again;
↳ If you also waste paper and single use paper want to counter.

Want to see all the functionalities at a glance? We got you!

Bambook, Correctbook, Greenbook, Paper on the Rocks, MOYU

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