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on April 30, 2020

One of my great sources of inspiration is Charles Eisenstein. In his book 'The more beautiful world our hearts know is possible' (my bible, best book ever written) that we live in 'a world of seperation'. What he means by this is that we have come to see ourselves as individuals, separate from each other, separate from nature. This has made me think about setting up our company differently, not as a separate entity but as part of everything. That is why we try to leave a positive impression in every possible way in which we come into contact with people, companies and nature . To make the world a little more beautiful.

We still see nature separate from agriculture, but why don't we apply agroforestry everywhere? Nature separate from the city, but why must all nature give way to living, can't we live together with nature? Entrepreneurship that often comes at the expense of nature (natural capital), but could entrepreneurship not actually contribute to more nature?

In this blog I try the comparisons by to draw between nature and a company. Are we so different or is there a certain system that is reflected everywhere?

The Flora and Fauna

In a forest you have a diverse Flora and Fauna. Different plants, different animals, different micro-organisms. Everything works together and is always in balance. And is it not balanced? Then nature will correct itself and it will automatically regain its balance.

We as a company see ourselves as the flora in the forest. The trees and the plants. A good ecosystem is diverse in this. Every tree and plant has a function to keep the system in balance, just like every function in our company. The more diverse the flora, the better the ecosystem remains in balance; you can learn to diversify.

But in a well-functioning ecosystem you also have fauna: the animals. I like to attribute this position to all stakeholders. The customers, the partners, the suppliers. If a forest is attractive, an animal likes to come there. Perhaps to find something to eat. But if a forest is really super attractive, the animal may want to settle there and stay longer. Our goal is to extend this to our stakeholders. We would like to make customers part of our community. We don't work together with partners for a while, but forever. Is something going wrong? Then we adjust our flora to make the fauna happy again.

Can you learn entrepreneurship?

Everything learns. Organic. We also. Sometimes it is not in balance, then something goes wrong. As an ecosystem, you respond to this automatically and adapt where necessary. If it is right at the core, you have a resilience to absorb blows. We believe that our story is correct, the basis of the ecosystem is correct.

Do you need to grow exponentially?

Growth? An ecosystem does not grow in 1 day. In 1 day you did not learn which plants work well together, which animals like to settle there. That is about years. You should not want to grow too fast because then you create unnatural nature. A kind of monoculture. That seems nice, because a monoculture can yield a lot of returns in the very short term, but it will never survive in the long term. That is why we grow quietly, in balance with MOYU. We don't have to build the forest in 1 day. Prefer quiet and healthy, but with the ambition to become a large ecosystem. With a lot of happy flora and fauna.

Finally ranger

What is my role as a founder? I think I should make sure that all flora and fauna are happy . Ensure that the trees grow, that there is enough diversity, that the animals like to get where they want to go, and that all paths in the forest are easy to walk on. By easy to walk I mean the right organization with the right systems and appropriate communication.

My dream has always been to become a forester. Actually, I never thought I would ever be real, or maybe half a day a week as a volunteer. But with this comparison I can actually call myself a forester. Ensuring that our ecosystem can grow beautifully and healthily.

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by Gerwin on May 08, 2020

Mooi verhaal goede visie
We moeten onze toekomst anders gaan zien onze economieën anders benaderen om ruimtestation aarde leefbaar te houden voor onze kinderen.

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