Sustainability during the Coronacrisis

on July 06, 2020  in CoronaDuurzaamheidEconomie
The Coronavirus has brought along many changes. Changes that are very present in day-to-day life and in our society. Not only within families, but also within companies. Everyone has their own opinion on the matter. But we can now carefully start with saying that the virus has also triggered some positive changes. The air is a lot cleaner than it used to be and nature has started to restore itself. How do we make sure that we keep this progress?

We have all noticed. Peace and quiet have returned to earth. Animals dare to move out of their natural habit, into the human world, even into cities. In England an entire village was 'overtaken' by mountain goats. Amazing, right? Roads became less crowded. Animals can cross the road without the danger of being hit by a car. Silence has returned to natural habitats. Finally some real silence. Unfortunately, some things are quickly going back to normal now that the measures concerning the virus have changed. Roads are getting crowded again. It's hard to keep up the positive changes. Of course that's not a surprise, seen the fact that they were obliged. But nonetheless, it's a shame.

Because if we lose track of sustainability now, because it doesn't feel like a priority anymore, where will we be in ten years? Before the coming of the Coronavirus, sustainability was high on the priority list that companies keep. Unfortunately that has drastically changed now. Sustainability has a cost. A cost that companies feel liek they can't pay for in this time. But is that really the case? Is sustainability always more expensive? That doesn't have to be the case. A one-time investment can eventually lead to a lot of saving. And it can make sure that our planet has a future. That things are changing in this period of time is a good thing. We are all starting to be more aware of what really matters in life. Let's use that for the greater good.

What we have learned from this 'Era of Corona', is that it's not a bad thing to take things easy. It's fine to work from home now and then. It helps the environment and prevents traffic jams. And it's easier to maintain your household and spend more time with your kids or your partner. Those are all positive things, right? Of course, companies have to be willing to give their employees that chance. Eventually they decide whether or not their employees can work from home. Instead of paying them fees for travelling to work, they could use that money to make the company more sustainable. A better future doesn't just appear. Work has to be done for it to exist. We all have to work on it together. By making small changes in our behaviour and the way we work, we can make a huge difference for the world.

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