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Why trees are so effective and supporting the right treeplanting-projects

on March 26, 2020  in NatuurOur story

"There is a magic machine, that sucks carbon out of the air, that grows itself and costs no money; it is called a tree." - George Monbiot

The effects of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly visible worldwide. Natural areas and ecosystems are shrinking by the minute because we as humans need more and more living space. You now see many processes come to a halt due to the coronavirus which reduces emissions and what you see is nature already partly recovering itself. At MOYU, we want climate problems to be solved for the long term. That is why we aim to combat deforestation and plant new trees in order to save and create ecosystems. Time to take a closer look at this. Because what does a tree actually do and how do you find the best tree planting project?

The magical thing about trees

A tree absorbs CO2 when it is in its growth stage, releasing O2, also called oxygen. CO2 is a greenhouse gas and too high a CO2 content causes our planet to warm up. The 02 what a tree emits is what we as humans need to breathe. No people without trees, simple!

In addition to this, trees provide rain, cool the land and, through their roots, lower the excess water into the ground. In addition, the roots of trees also stabilize the soil. As a result, the top layer does not wash away and the soil is firmer. This ensures that the fertile top layer remains, but also that no mudflows occur. They also provide natural protection against typhoons, monsoons and hurricanes.

The effect of the paper industry

The disadvantage of paper is that we cut down trees that are used for what I call: single-use wood, they are mainly products that you use once. When this paper is burned, the stored CO2 is released again. This is in contrast to, for example, houses or furniture that are built from wood, whereby the CO2 remains stored in the wood for a much longer time. When we choose to build with wood and plant a tree, this could even have a positive effect on CO2 levels. However, it is important to choose a type of wood that is not cut from a habitat for other flora and fauna, so that it is not at the expense of those ecosystems.

TRees for kenya natuur

De omgeving van Mount Kenya.

From 6 trillion to 3.04 trillion

Currently, there are still an estimated 3.04 trillion trees in the world. A huge number, but in comparison to the 6 trillion trees that once stood, this is shockingly little. Once upon a time, much of our world was covered with ancient forest, but today 67 countries have completely removed their ancient forest, including most European countries.

In addition, due to the growing population and stronger economy, more and more fossil fuels are being used, as a result we emit more and more CO2. Actually, we should plant more trees, instead of cutting down forests. Many companies see this, so you see more tree planting projects arise.

Nature and agriculture .. Can they co-exist?

Picking the right project

In addition to paper, many forests are also felled for the agricultural industry. There is a huge demand for products such as soy or palm oil, which are planted on a large scale in monocultures, so with 1 type of plant on a piece of land. The disadvantage of these projects is that the monocultures exhaust the soil and are therefore only profitable for a few years.

Many tree planting projects are also placed on pieces of land of small scale farmers, which reduces the farmer's income and makes the soil less fertile than in other areas. In addition, many tree planting projects only plant 1 type of tree. As a result, you do not create the desired ecosystem, and you see that flora and fauna do not settle in these forests.

Finally, it is important to consider the management of the trees. Often the trees are planted in developing countries, which means that too little care is taken for the forests, and they are cut down for firewood, for example. It is therefore important to conduct good research into these aspects when placing new forests.

Agroforestry as a solution

One of the best solutions according to us is agroforestry. Planting a tree, which provides immediate community value in the form of food or resale value, does provide a reason to protect the tree. In addition, a diverse number of crops and trees are planted at agroforestry, which benefits the soil. The diversity in crops also makes the yields of the country less sensitive to extreme weather conditions or bullying.

We coöperate with Trees for Kenya, which also choose this option. With every item: Notebook of Placemat we plant 1 tree in the project. Trees for Kenya is community based, en plant (illegaal) gekapte bomen terug rondom Mount Kenya. De inkomsten die worden verdiend met het planten vloeien terug naar de samenleving. Het project plant 8 verschillende type inheemse bomen terug om het unieke ecosysteem daar in stand te houden. Het zien van dit gebied was een van de aanleidingen tot het oprichten van MOYU. Dit unieke oerbos is nog wel intact, maar wordt door menselijk toedoen steeds kleiner waardoor inheemse flora en fauna steeds minder ruimte heeft om te leven.

Once Kenya, but also the Netherlands was mainly the habitat of the animals. We want to restore this as much as possible by creating small nature reserves in places where this is badly needed.

Video Trees for Kenya. This is one of our first videos that we posted for an instagram launch. We would plant 1 tree for every new follower!

Tiny Forests en/of Agroforestry

NBesides being very proud of the work we do with Trees for Kenya with MOYU, in order to preserve this unique ecosystem, we are also interested in adding even more value. One idea is, for example, to create tiny forests locally, in the country of the users of the MOYU notebook, so that as a user you immediately benefit from the extra nature. We would also like to look at possibilities to support other agroforestry projects. Do you know great initiatives? Then we would love to hear it!

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