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Day of Biodiversity, why biodiversity is so important!

on May 21, 2021

The Netherlands has, according to the Planning Office for the Living Environment, only 15% of the original biodiversity remains. When species disappear or become dominant, the natural balance is disturbed. In this way, many animal species, including humans, get into trouble. The United Nations has therefore declared May 22 as International Biodiversity Day.

Wat is biodiversiteit, dag van de biodiversiteit

What exactly is biodiversity?
By biodiversity we mean a variety of life in all forms on earth. “Bio” means life and “diversity” means variety/difference. Biodiversity provides clean air, fresh water and the more biodiversity, the easier we can combat climate change.

Causes of biodiversity decline
Over the past decades, the ecosystems on our planet have changed. The size of the world's population continues to increase, changing the landscape. Nature disappears in order to provide for man's needs. For example, much of the habitat of wild animals has disappeared for the construction of houses. However, the landscape is also changing. Nature with a lot of biodiversity is converted into monotonous agriculture. In addition, large-scale fishing and the meat industry are also causes of a decline in biodiversity. Climate change also has no positive effect.

tree felling
The biggest cause of biodiversity loss is felling of trees. About three years ago there appeared articles, following extensive research, that 16 million hectares of forest disappear every year. That is about 4 times the Netherlands of forest that is cut down by humans! Instead of a diverse forest, in many cases soy plantations (for animal feed) and palm oil plantations have been established. That ensures homogenization. 

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency also indicates that homogenization is increasing. Many original species are disappearing, while a few species are increasing in number. For example, it is possible that one tree species takes over. In a less diverse forest, fewer animal species can survive. The same tree species does just as well for a few hundred kilometers. There too, the other tree species, and therefore the animal species do not survive, and so more and more plant, tree and animal species are dying out.

Homogenization in the water
Through overfishing few fish that are at the top of the food chain remain. This is how it works: when the number of large fish decreases, the group just below this species increases in size. When the top layer of the food chain has been fished out, humans will hunt for the layer below. Until this one is also caught. And so it will continue until there are only fish species that are not interesting for humans. This group is going to be huge. It is not fished by other fish species and not by humans. This creates homogenization in seas and oceans.

Why is biodiversity so important?
The world is structured in such a way that everyone contributes his or her part. Whether plants, trees, insects or mammals, they all depend on each other! If changes occur that disrupt the natural balance, this has major consequences. Animal species can become extinct or become dominant. Biodiversity is therefore of vital importance. It European parliament indicates that previous mass extinctions caused the extinction of 60% to 95% of all species. It takes millions of years for ecosystems to recover from such an event.

Biodiversity and Agriculture
Biodiversity is also very important in agriculture, according to research by Wageningen University & Research at. With large-scale, monotonous land use, diseases and pests can spread unhindered. In addition, these fields are harvested in one go, so that the predatory insects also disappear. These insects are essential to combat pests and diseases in a natural way, because they feed on them. Without these predatory insects, diseases can run their course unchecked, causing crops to fail and people to run out of food. If several types of crops are kept next to each other and are not harvested at the same time, the predators can continue to live there. In this way they do not die out and nature helps the farmer to protect his crop against diseases and pests.

The WUR has purchased notebooks from MOYU. In this video Linde Berg explains why they have purchased a personalized booklet from MOYU.

Biodiversity and positive effects on humans
Biodiversity has even more positive effects on people. Studies show that people in a greener environment are more productive and feel more cheerful. For example, employees are up to 8% more productive in a green environment with natural elements and daylight. Sick people who have a view of a green environment have fewer needs for painkillers and recover faster after major surgery. 

Applying more biodiversity
Biodiversity really only has advantages, so why not help nature a bit? With our last two promotions we sent a free bag of flower seed from The Pollinators. By introducing more diversity in flowers, bees and other atomizers get a larger living environment. Bees are the main pollinators of the trees and plants we eat from. The shortage of bees is endangering the pollination of production crops.

Trees For Kenya
At MOYU we try to deal with nature as best we can. The production of our stone paper requires 67% less CO2 emissions than the production of regular paper and we plant a tree for each notebook sold through our partner Trees For Kenya. They only plant native trees that occur naturally in the area, which can create a diverse ecosystem. In this way we can prevent paper waste and ensure more biodiversity. 

Helping nature
We believe the importance of a diverse environment is very important. If you are blessed with a garden or balcony, we recommend the garden inspiration from Spanish at. There you will find tips to brighten up your garden and at the same time provide a living environment for various bees and butterflies. How fun is that?!


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