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Gift Tips: 7 x Gift Inspiration (for him and for her!)

on November 08, 2021
It can sometimes be quite complicated to find a nice present for someone. Often mainly for men, but also absolutely for women. Certainly in 2021 you don't want to give knick-knacks that someone is not waiting for at all. You would rather choose a unique, durable and practical gift that will last a long time with the happy recipient.

An erasable notebook as a gift. Maybe it doesn't sound very sexy? At MOYU, we know that success is guaranteed!

✔️ A beautiful gift for both men and women
✔️ Fits within a sustainable lifestyle
✔️ Lasts for years with the happy recipient
✔️ Unique gift for Christmas or Sinterklaas
✔️ And helps to prevent paper waste

To help you on your way, we have listed our absolute bestsellers for you below. This way, you can get yourself inspired and make the right choice for a suitable gift during the holidays (or of course for someone's birthday). 


1. Erasable Notebook A5: multifunctional inside

Our ring binder A5 notebooks are the most sold and are often given as gifts. We can see why! 

✔️ Perfect size: not too big and not too small

✔️ Multifunctional interior, all in one

✔️ Available in no less than 10 different designs

What our customers say:

"Works very well, writes well and has a real 'pen' feel (so not like a marker on whiteboard), wipe with a wet cloth and you can start again. I even find it mentally clearing up too :-) You literally wipe out what you've done, that feels great." - Benedicte S.


Uitwisbaar Notitieboek MOYU A5 Geel


2. Erasable Desk Planner A3: more overview in your (work)day

The erasable Desk Planner in A3 size gives you plenty of space for your notes, loose scribbles, to do's and plannings. Simply place it on your desk, next to or in front of your laptop and work more efficiently than ever before!

✔️ Easy to roll up and take with you

✔️ Extra space for your notes

✔️ Provides overview and structure in your (work) day

What our customers say:

"Finally, structure and overview! I enjoy my placemat every day. A great help to organize my (work) day and to keep an overview." – Margot V. 


Uitwisbare Desk Planner Power Placemat MOYU


3. Erasable Notebook A4: extra space

For those who are not satisfied enough with an A5 notebook, we have released an A4 size notebook. Ideal for creatives, working out sketches or concepts and making drawings. 

✔️ Plenty of space for notes, drawings, calculations and bullet journaling

✔️ Available in 6 (new) designs

✔️ Super smooth writing experience

What our customers say:

"Works very well. I have been using the A4 notebook at work for a few months now and I am very satisfied with it. It writes well and as soon as I processed my notes (conversation reports) I erase them again. This immediately gives an overview of what I still have to do." – Irene.


Uitwisbaar Notitieboek A4 MOYU


4. Dennis Storm x MOYU Minimalism Workbook: 12 Months

With this exclusive Minimalism Workbook, written by Dennis Storm, you give someone inspiration for a sustainable, minimalist lifestyle! It is full of assignments and challenges to live more economically, consciously and sustainably. In addition, the recipient of this workbook can erase the text at the end and give the book to someone else as a gift.

✔️ The ultimate tool to live a more sustainable and minimalistic life, step by step

✔️ Easily save more money, time and energy for the things that really matter

✔️ Learn to better balance work and private life

What our customers say:

"The booklet is of very good quality and super fun if you are interested in minimalism. The 30 day challenge is fun to do and really cleans up nicely. I'm looking forward to the other assignments! Also nice that you can erase it afterwards and give it away to someone else!" – Mariska.


Werkboek Dennis Storm



5. Rewritable To Do or Shopping Lists in Pocketsize 

Small, but good, these pocketsize shopping lists! You can buy them in a set of 3 pieces. Available in a To Do, Shopping or Thoughts & Ideas version.

✔️ Easily fit in your purse, pocket or notebook and take it anywhere

✔️ Handy to keep an overview of your tasks

✔️ Start every day with a clean slate and a tidy feeling!

What our customers say:

"I have been using the shopping lists for a long time now. It takes some time getting used to it, because you cannot fold them. Writing and erasing is very easy. It is always a good feeling not to throw your list in the trash, but to erase it neatly and to reuse." – Nicole. 
Pocket lists MOYU


6. Erasable Notepad Notebooks A6: great for on the go

A real friend for life. Thanks to the A6 size, this notebook goes with you wherever you go. Perfect for notes during a (telephone) conversation, scribbling in between or keeping track of important tasks that you should not forget.  

✔️ Easy to take with you

✔️ Available in three trendy designs

✔️ Ideal for on the go

What our customers say:

"The discovery of the year! Found it by accident on the internet. After some hesitation, I ordered a notebook with pen, and shopping lists. Works great, the paper is very soft and pleasant to write on. Erasing is also easy. Highly recommended, both to use yourself and to give as a gift.” – Jan V. 


Uitwisbaar Notitieboek A6 MOYU


7. WWF x MOYU Erasable Notebook A5 (Ring Binder or Premium) 

Prefer a slightly more exotic design? Then choose a WWF x MOYU Notebook, available in Tiger, Turtle, Trees or Elephant design. 

✔️ Support WWF through your purchase 

✔️ Available in four exotic designs

✔️ Includes a multifunctional interior

What our customers say:

"I've had this booklet for a while now and I'm very happy with it. The pen writes pleasantly on the paper and you can wipe the pages very quickly with the cloth and some water. Good quality!" – Kitty.


Uitwisbaar Notitieboek A5 MOYU WWF



Are you not inspired enough yet? Then take a look our shop!


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