Cutting trees.. Will this ever stop?

on October 14, 2019  in Natuur

During work, study or in our household, we constantly make notes and (notes). Research shows that most people prefer to do this on physical paper. Even in the age of digitization, paper consumption continues to grow. But we cut down nearly 4 billion trees every year for all this paper. This makes the paper industry responsible for 14% of all trees that are felled. And this in contrast with the fact that one tree absorbs enough CO2 and produces enough oxygen to provide 2 people with clean air.

But forests have great potential to combat climate change. A study by BOS + shows that forests can take on a third of the share to reach the SDG targets for 2030. This is because of their enormous potential to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Moreover, the deforestation industry, such as logging, processing and transport, is also responsible for 10% of current greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to the potential to combat climate change, forests also provide a home for many flora and fauna. Research shows that currently animals die out 1000 times faster than their natural extinction rate. And once extinct, these species never come back. One of the main causes of this extinction is the shrinking habitats in which animals live.

Together with you we try to contribute to a solution for this. Namely by reducing paper waste together, we also help reduce tree felling. In addition, we also plant 1 tree for every book sold. We specifically chose to work with Trees for Kenya for this. This partner is planting trees around Mt Kenya to conserve the forests and even expand them to keep the ecosystem intact.

How much paper waste is actually produced?

Is there a sustainable solution for paper from trees? Yes: stone paper. By using stone paper, we save 18 trees per 1,000 kg of regular paper. In addition, no water is used in the production process, which means a saving of 2,700 liters of water per 1,000 kg of regular paper. Last but not least, there are also no chemicals or bleaches involved in the stone paper production process. The good thing about the MOYU notebook is that the pages are erasable and therefore reusable. Each page can be rewritten more than 500 times. Because the paper is water resistant, the pages can also be erased with a wet cloth on top of the regular eraser that comes with the pen.

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