Everything you should know about erasable writing

on May 21, 2020  in Product

Nice! Erasable writing. Scribble here, scribble there and wipe away. It seems so easy and ideal. But is this also the case? What do we find so attractive about this? What is the use of erasable writing? And isn't this at the expense of writing functionality? 


What does the writing world look like now? 


Because write a lot of benefits we will keep doing it. One likes it, the other is used to it, the other can remember things better and someone else will be able to use his or her creativity better. Our MOYU survey found that nearly 60% continue to write regularly. Enough reason to offer these people even more alternatives and to make them even happier. 


What are we waiting for?


The first initiatives to innovate this writing market have developed an erasable whiteboard version. We also call this “working smarter”: no more throwing away notebooks and reusing the same page over and over again. We can imagine that you want to think carefully about the choice you make about your booklet for the rest of your life. After all, you do that when choosing a partner.

Our requirement for this perfect partner is not only a well-thought-out sustainable production process, but also the booklet be extremely functional. Pages should be easy to clean after months of use and the experience should be constantly optimized. We have achieved this by working with the high-quality, thicker stone paper as writing material. We have also added useful elements such as to-do lists, weekly planners and a digital app to give the brain the rest it deserves. You could also use your creativity for example to make use of bullet journals

Curious why we do what we do? Read on here. 

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