5 steps to create awareness and reach your sustainable business objectives

on February 17, 2020  in Zakelijk

Do you think it is important for your company to do more in terms of sustainability, and to achieve specific objectives? In this blog we describe our 5 steps to ensure that sustainability is implemented in your organization. Whether you are the head of sustainability or an enthusiastic employee - we believe that everyone in his organization can achieve a sustainable impact.

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1. Create awareness

Sustainability is now a huge hype, where critics can say that it is disappearing again and there is no need to invest in it now. Yet it is almost impossible if you as a company do nothing about it, or do not do it the right way. For example, the government recently came in the news that their circular coffee cups were all burned, and last year, Coca-Cola was named the world's largest plastic consumer, not a title to be very proud of. If you do it right you will also get the credits: this is how we see companies like KPN and Unilever in the top 100 most sustainable companies of 2020 .

. 2. Build a community

There are probably more enthusiasts just like you who would like to start some sustainable initiatives and implement them in the organization. Place a call and plan a pizza evening for example to discuss these ideas. Together you are always stronger, and you can come up with a more solid plan that takes different perspectives. You can also use this community to strengthen your business case in step 4 - multiple people are already behind the plan and find it important.

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3. Use examples & existing platforms

You don't always have to reinvent the wheel yourself when it comes to devising and setting up sustainable initiatives. For example, look at IKEA. Not only have they set up a number of initiatives themselves, such as covering all of their roofs with solar panels and the use of sustainable cotton, they also try to make their customers make conscious choices. It is also possible to join in or build partnerships with sustainable entrepreneurs. The Futureproof community is such a platform.

4. Write a strong business case

Do you have one or more good ideas? Top! Then make sure that you process it briefly in a business case to the directors of your company. Clearly state what the effects of the investment are and how this can be earned back. The purchase of certain initiatives may result in somewhat higher costs in the beginning, but can be recovered after a few years, such as solar panels or our Moyu's 😉. In addition to the financial picture, also include aspects such as Employer Branding (millenials prefer to work for companies where sustainability and impact are high on the agenda) and your improved image with the customer.

5. Storytelling

The final step is about telling the story to the board or decision maker of your organization. Start with the why, emphasizing the benefits for society, customers and employees. This why is ultimately what should come to life with these target groups. You connect the what and how with the initiatives from your business case and the community. Create that win-win-win, so that your boss can no longer say no.

Do you still encounter challenges? Then contact us. With us, sustainability is in our blood and we like to think along with you!

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