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3 things you need to know before choosing the right staff gift or promotional gift

on February 20, 2020  in ProductZakelijk

Everyone has ever experienced it .. You would like to thank someone .. but how can you come up with something original? Whether you are looking for the ideal Christmas gift, have to fill all empty shoes on the work floor on 5 December or want to thank your business relations for the cooperation. The question remains: How do you make the right choice that fits your company's identity and budget? We believe it is important to know these 3 things when choosing a gift!

It's all about people.

< p> What does the company where you work mean to you? Our experience shows that it is the people who share the story of the company together. They are the face to your customers, customers and all other stakeholders within the company. That is why it is important to look at how your employees feel. Did you know that a motivated employee is up to 20% more productive? Occasionally a small token of appreciation can do a lot. How nice it is to suddenly receive an original gift at an unexpected moment. We challenge you to think back to the moment that you yourself were last surprised!

Follow your brand.

As a company you have a story (which is often called fire in jargon). And you want to tell a good story, because with this you can inspire people. Customers ultimately buy from a company with a story that they can identify with. Consider Dr Bronners who sells soaps and writes their full story on it. Or how about the drinking bottle that millions of people use every day from the well-known brand Dopper whereby the whole world now knows that they have a wonderful mission. Both brands have one thing in common: the story does the marketing.

Create an impact.

You naturally want to impress with your promotional gift. But what makes a good impression and what are people happy with? Look at the trends in the market. For example, sustainability is very important nowadays. It must be smart and useful to use and originality scores bonus points. It is also important that the gift is used to have even more impact. Giving a gift that ends up in the cupboard is really only a burden to our environment and a waste of your investment.

It's up to you.

Do you also want surprise your employees or relations with a gift that also tells your story? Consider a personalized Moyu notebook < / a> . Each page is made of stone paper, erasable and can be used for years. In addition, it is an alternative to the current notepads so that we all fight paper waste and also plant trees. We make our notebooks to size with which we can tell your story. In this way, giving the gift becomes just as much fun or even more fun than receiving the gift.

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